Curious About the Benefits of Ear Candling?

Learn about our ear candling services in Quitman and Mineola, TX

Using cotton swabs isn't a safe way to remove built-up ear wax - doing so can actually push it toward your sensitive ear drum. Magic Fingers Massage offers ear candling services in the Quitman and Mineola, TX area as a safer alternative to conventional home remedies.

A 30-minute session ($45) uses two candles per ear, while a 45-minute session ($60) uses three candles per ear. Call 713-824-4578 now to make an appointment.

Many clients enjoy the sound and sensation of ear candling

Sticking a candle in your ear may not seem like your idea of relaxing, but many Quitman and Mineola, TX area residents find our ear candling services to be soothing. If you close your eyes, it's easy to imagine the crackling of the candle flame as the sound of logs burning in a fireplace. The soothing sound is one of many reported ear candling benefits.

After we remove all that built-up wax, you may...

Hear quiet sounds more clearly
Feel less sinus pressure
Breathe easier

Reach out today to learn more about ear candling benefits.